Dear Families of ILCS,

For the past ten years, it has been our pleasure and honor to serve you and to serve the Reading Community as whole. We have helped more than 700 at-risk students graduate from high school and move confidently toward the future as leaders of their families and communities. As we advised the community in March, our team came to a difficult decision that if we could not have an amicable and constructive relationship with the School Board members, we would not continue our relationship with them. Our staff were not born to fight with the Reading School District, we were born for positive justice and service. We are determined to be responsible and to make peace, so that we can return to productive work. Today, the School District voted not to renew the Charter of I-LEAD Charter School. Our operations will continue through June 30 of this year, but after that I-LEAD Charter School will not continue. We remain proud of our students, our staff, our learners and our work. The results of the State Audit of our operations proved our organizational integrity beyond a doubt. While we will not continue our Charter School operations, and while the school as a corporate entity will be dissolved, our mission of leadership development, education, and community empowerment will continue in other even more dynamic and impactful forms. Do not be sad about this transition. Today we celebrate our amazing achievements over the past decade. We will help our learners find a new academic home within the District’s offerings for the Fall of 2020. Remember, nothing can stop the forces of love, empowerment and justice for our community our mission has entailed. We will see you in the future, and we will boldly go forward to build a community in which we all have a place, a community characterized by the values we have promoted throughout our relationship: Truth, Respect, Care, Understanding, Learning, Creativity, Service, Work, and Leadership. These values will stand and endure.

As a famous leader once said, “Si puede encontrar un camino sin obstáculos, probablemente no conduzca a ninguna parte.”

Abrazos, siempre juntos,

Angel Figueroa,

CEO I-LEAD Charter School