I-Lead Charter School Wish List

In order to meet the educational and social needs of I-LEAD Charter School students, ILCS seeks the following in-kind or cash donations toward the purchase of higher ticket items.

  • ILCS Uniforms Pants (khakis), Shirts and Sweaters – To reduce the financial burden that purchasing student uniforms places on the School’s low-income families, we would like to offer each of our students two complete sets of uniforms.
  • Classroom Supplies, such as gift cards for teacher supplies, pens, pencils, paper, graphing paper, markers, dry erase markers.
  • Art Supplies, such as art markers or sharpies (both thin and thicker tipped), canvas or canvas board for painting, acrylic paint, drawing paper of all sizes, any clay supplies (tools, kiln, etc.), drawing pencils, big erasers, student-grade paint brushes.
  • Digital Cameras – Point and Shoot
  • Student Laptops – Google Chromebooks are critical to student assessment, reading and math supplemental instruction, and classroom instruction.
  • Classroom Sponsor – Maintain permanent brand presence and membership in the I-LEAD Charter School community by naming a classroom after your organization or business. Amount and classroom to be determined by sponsor.
  • Professional Clothing (New or Gently Used) – ILCS students participate in internships and need business attire. Clothing for both male and female students is needed.

For Information or to Make a Contribution Please Contact:

Angel Figueroa
1-855-453-2327 Ext. 501 or [email protected]