Sept. 23, 2015


I-LEAD Charter School’s CEO Issues Statement in Response to Vote By Reading School District to Initiate Charter Revocation Proceedings Against Charter School


Reading, Pa. – Angel Figueroa, CEO and co-founder of I-LEAD Charter School, Berks County, issued the below statement following a vote by the board of directors for Reading School District to initiate charter revocation proceedings against the charter school:


“This comes as a complete shock to me and all of I-LEAD’s leadership team, especially since the district renewed our school’s charter for a five-year period in 2013 without any concerns raised or changes made.


“I am deeply disappointed and very concerned with Reading School District’s desire to shutter the doors of I-LEAD Charter School, which has served hundreds of Reading’s most at-risk students since opening its doors in 2011.


“These proceedings have no legal basis and appear to be an effort by the district to intimidate I-LEAD Charter School as it seeks tax exempt status for its Reading location.


“Just two days ago, I-LEAD Charter School submitted an amendment to its charter with Reading School District seeking the addition of a fair and equitable performance matrix for student achievement.  Today’s action by the district raises serious questions to its commitment to ensure that students are provided with a high-quality education.


“I-LEAD Charter School will vigorously fight this revocation and defend its record of successfully preparing students for post-high school success.  Our students, their families and the community deserve to have access to a school that is focused on student achievement and academic success.”


Media Contact:

Angel Figueroa, I-LEAD Charter School, 855-453-2327