Parental Engagement Center

parent engagement

Our mission is to support parents and families while providing resources/training by building a sense of confidence in order to enhance student achievement.

The Parent Engagement Center of ILCS promotes parent involvement and awareness of the services provided by the community. The Center encourages parent participation in the educational decision-making process and provides seminars, training programs.

The Center was established to serve as a link between families, school and community resources.

The Parent Engagement Center Provides:

• Two (2) working computers

• A Printer

• An opportunity to share ideas

• Resources that support families

• A place where families are valued and respected

• A place to learn

Stop by the Parent Engagement Center and learn what it is all about. If you have any questions and want to find out how you can volunteer in our ILCS please contact:

Vivian Santos-Dingui, Parent Liaison at 1-855-453-2327 Ext. 400.