1. What will happen after our school closes?

    • You will have the option to enroll in your Home District (Reading, Muhlenberg, Mif lin, etc.) decided by
      your home address.
    • If you choose not to enroll in your home district, you can also choose to enroll in a Private School,
      Parochial School, or another Charter School.

2. What documents should you have when enrolling into your local high school or school of choice?

    • Report Cards, Transcripts, Discipline Record, Individual Education Plan, ESL Records
    • The records can be requested through our school, or your new district can make these requests.

3. Who should I be contacting in requesting these documents?

    • The Registrar – Mrs. Saady Palacios – [email protected]
      When your new school district needs the entire documents such as the report cards,
      transcripts, IEP, ESL Records
    •  The School Counselor – Mr. Eric Pfisterer – [email protected]
      When you need guidance in your next school choice and for academic-related questions such
      as your grades
    • The Student Services Coordinator – Mrs. Celeste Fe Colon – [email protected]
      When you have a personal requests of transcripts only and for your general questions

4. Can I have printed copies of these requests?

    •  As of this time due to the pandemic, we are only accepting online requests and online processing of this.

5. Where can I access these requests for transcripts, report cards, etc?

    • Use this link for your requests: https://forms.gle/x9bnbzN8AqwHKqzS9

6. FOR THE SENIORS SY 2020: When will I receive my Diploma, Report Card and my Transcripts?

    • You will be receiving your Diploma, Report Cards, as well as final I-Lead Transcript on 6/15/20.
      FOR FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIORS: Your report cards will be live in your
      HAC on 6/15/20.

7. Who should I contact when I need my HAC login and password?

8. What will happen when I enroll in another school when the school year is not over yet?

    •  If you enroll in another district before this time, you may not receive full credit for the year!
      Contact your school counselor – Mr. Eric Pfisterer: [email protected]


FAQ- I-LEAD CS sy 2020