Dear Friend,

Tomorrow you will perhaps read in the local newspaper an article regarding I-LEAD CHARTER SCHOOL amendment has been denial from the Reading School Board of Directors at a non public meeting.

This is disappointing but not surprising. As the evidence in the hearing showed, RSD Board has been biased against ILCS and has treated ILCS unfairly all along. It has consistently done in secret what should by law and ethics be done in public. It has twisted agreed upon procedures and interpreted them in absurd, extreme ways to do its biased, unfair, and dirty deeds. Last night–enabled by the same lawyers who have enabled it all along–it continued acting as it always has: biased, unfair . As we have all along, the ILCS family will stand together and fight with all we have for the families of the hundreds of learners who have chosen our school, and for quality education for all of Reading’s families.